Annual Compliance Quiz

Compliance Quiz
Has this Compliance Officer received initial training? *
Is Red Flag Training been incorporated into Employee Training?
Is Safeguard training incorporated into employee training? *
The Red Flag Rule requires an Identity Theft Prevention Plan, we have provided one for you. Do you have your ITPP? *
Do you employees have access to the ITPP? *
Have there been any incidents of identity theft at your dealership this year? *
Have there been any incidents of unresolved Red Flags? *
Have there been any security breaches in the last year? *
Are Adverse Action notices being sent when necessary? (Example- When a credit report is taken but no terms can be agreed upon) *
Are Risk Based Pricing/Credit Disclosure reports being sent when necessary? *
A "Covered Account" is an account where credit is offered to a customer. Please select your covered accounts below *
Do you allow offsite delivery of vehicles? *
For offsite delivery does the customer appear in person to sign documents *
For offsite delivery is the vehicle delivered to an address confirmed on the credit report? *
Would you be interested in an offsite delivery checklist *
Are out of state credit purchases allowed where a co-signer is not physically present? *
Do all of your computers have up to date anti-virus software? *
Do you have a process for removing employee passwords when no longer needed? *
Are all of your driver's license scanners operating correctly? *