ScanID was developed to meet the needs of the financial market.
Benefits of using ScanID:
Update your databases with driver’s license photos and relevant customer information by scanning the customer’s driver’s license. Minimize data entry needs and errors.
The customer can sign an electronic signature pad, automatically entering the signature image into the customer database.
Click one button to compare the new account to the most recent OFAC-SDN database, updated by Verant Identification Systems.
All steps are performed at the desktop, face to face with the customer.

This solution allows financial institutions to set up new accounts by scanning a customer’s driver’s license. Setting up new accounts is faster and more accurate. It also saves your customer time and is fully compliant with Section 326 of the USA Patriot Act.

The system integrates seamlessly into the financial institution’s core software. We have software solutions for standard server-based core software, web-based software, and core software that runs over Citrix.